Patchwork is a computer controlled acoustic drum machine that I built in a collaboration with a visual artist for the final project of Phsyical Computing. I was responsible for the technical development of the sequencer which is built with Max/MSP and Mira library of Cycling’74 is used to remote controls the Arduino and five selenoid motors which interact with two acoustic hi-hat and a snare drum.

Patchwork was also a part of an exhibition in Istanbul Maker Faire.


Chorus is a native IOS and Android application which is designed to serve as a Generative music machine. It can record at most three different sound channels and process them in the embedded sound engine which is developed in Pure Data(libpd) . It analyses the frequencies and generates the content which is harmonious with the other channels.
The patch can be downloaded here.

Polyphonic Sampler Design

Developed a polyphonic sampling system in Max/MSP as my bachelor thesis. The project’s scope included filter and DSP design in gen as well as multi-dimensional mappings.
You can read more about my bachelor thesishere.

3D Generative Game

Final project for the Computer Graphics course, developed with Three.js graphics library. The main features are procedural generation, collusion detection and reactive shaders. Live Demo.

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